Non Lethal

In addition to carrying guns and lethal products, we are happy to provide non-lethal items to give you peace of mind without carrying a firearm. Our pepper spray products can be safely carried on a key ring, in a purse or in a pocket. If you find yourself under attack, you can feel reassured knowing your pepper spray is on hand and available to deter an assailant. Pepper spray will force the attacker to close his eyes and he will feel a burning sensation on his skin, affording you the opportunity to escape.

In addition to traditional pepper spray products, we carry pepper gel and tear gas. Pepper gel is less likely to blow away in the wind than traditional pepper spray, and there is less of a chance that it will affect the person spraying it. Tear gas is different from pepper spray in that it relies more on the target’s ability to feel pain. Tear gas obviously makes the assailant tear up, but it can also affect their ability to breathe and it may sting their skin.

While pepper spray and tear gas are not lethal products, there may be legal restrictions for purchasing some of these items. For more information or help with ordering any restricted products, contact us today.
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